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This is Adsaro

The all in one Advertising Network

Get services of Programmatic Advertising with multiple adformats in a single network.


Our self serve platform is automatic and easy to use. Started in few clicks.


Latest technology in action for best performance and service


Experienced account manager support over Email and Skype.

About Us

Adsaro provides services of Programmatic advertising for advertisers to buy traffic and publishers to monetize their website and mobile app. Our main missions are listed below:

  • Provide best service in the field of Advertising for Advertisers and Publishers
  • Innovation and Development in Advertising Industry and provide latest updated Advertising tools.
  • Provide faster, safer and high quality ad delivery all around the globe.

Adsaro believes in partnership and we are always moving forward for it. We have partnered with several organizations to provide advertising services better for our clients ..


+Daily Impressions


+Daily Clicks


+Daily Conversions


+Daily Payouts

Our features

We have many features that are available in our platform and some of the important ones are mentioned below.


Target campaign according to your bidding model on CPM, CPC, CPA and CPI.

SSP Targeting

Target campaigns according to SSP of your choice, white list your favourite SSP

Multiple Targeting

Create a single campaign for all your needs. Link all the creatives on a single campaign.

Keyword Targeting

Ads will only display on the website which have keyword of your choice.

Geographic Targeting

Target users of specific locations like city, state, country, etc.

Mobile Targeting

Target campaigns according to size, version, telecom, brand,connection of mobile devices

Social-demographic Targeting

Target users who fall under a particular segment like age, gender, language etc

Device Targeting

Target users of a particular OS on computer, mobile, laptop, tablet and many other devices

Browser Targeting

Target the users of a specific browser they use like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Looking for enterprise level solutions?

Here are some of the solutons we provide to our clients for enterprise level digital marketing


Latest Adformats

We have Banners,Text, Native, Video, Pop, Directlink and Push Notifications along with IAB standards formats for you to create your campaign. Publisher can take advantage of our multiple adblocks with mobile sdk to monetize their websites and mobile app.


Programmatic Adexchange

This service allows advertisers to look for ad inventory across many ad exchanges and ad networks and publishers to sell their ad inventory accros many adexchanges. We have connected with serveral DSP's and SSP's to buy and sell traffic in high volume


Performance Marketing

We have performance marketing solutions for CPA and CPI campaings which are automatically optimized by our network. We have S2S for conversion tracking for our advertisers and various tracking tokens for our advertisers